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Life is like a box of never know what you're gonna get. 1994/7/6 142 min.


Let me tell you something: the 30th edition of Forrest Gump from Editora Aleph is a delicious box of chocolate. I mean, it's a delicious book. Well, you got it, right? With an unprecedented translation and a breathtaking graphic design, the novel by Winston Groom gives fans and voracious readers a chance to get to know the literary spectrum of one of the most charismatic characters in pop culture, watch now the movie to understand what's all the fuss about.

As we read, we will learn how Forrest saved Chinese conductor Mao Zedong from drowning or how he boarded a rocket to see Earth from space next to an orangutan named Sue. Or even how he played chess with an aboriginal cannibal (and Yale literate) in the jungle, among other adventures that were left out of the film adaptation.

The character's trajectory is told in the first person (as in the film) and in a linear way, in a large arc that includes small stories, almost tales. New and peculiar characters are entering and leaving the narrative. It is fun to understand the formula created by the author in the first chapters and to see it repeated in the next with alterations, sometimes subtle, sometimes abrupt, drawing ever more comic and improbable situations. Groom ends key paragraphs of the plot with phrases so striking that they sometimes thrill or laugh out of control.

Regarding the 1994 film adaptation, it is important to say that the script created by Eric Roth for Robert Zemeckis' film is extremely competent. In it, Roth creates new stories and updates some subjects for the time of the release and its audience. Starring Tom Hanks (Castaway, Sully) and Robin Wright (House of Cards) and Sally Field (An Almost Perfect Nanny), the production won several awards, including figurines for Zemeckis, Roth and Hanks. However, the screenwriter chose to remove good passages and even key characters from the book's plot. To make up for the decision, Roth added catchy events and characters as charismatic as those in the book, leaving the story "round", perfect for the Academy.

Some of the most striking moments and artifices in the film were created by Roth: Jenny's "Run, Forrest, Run" scream at the top of her lungs and the Nike shoe that Forrest would wear in the US run, perhaps the most epic commercial insertion of cinema history. The arcs of important characters in the plot, such as Jenny Curran and Lieutenant Dan, were also altered. With so many changes, we really understand the expression "based on the work of", which appears in the initial credits.

With the book, Groom not only gave life to one of the most iconic figures in American literature, but subverted the common concept of intelligence by playing with the idiot's literary archetype. Forrest Gump personifies, in Groom's work, the definitive idea of ​​goodness, where he exposes notable prejudices of Western culture. These arguments are clear in the text of the editors Daniel Lameira, Bárbara Prince and Andréa Bergamaschi, who work with a kind of preface, a note to place the reader in the plot.

It is also important to mention the colossal effort of Aline Storvo Pereira, responsible for the unprecedented translation, in adapting to the Portuguese the bold language printed by the author, which suppresses letters, varies verb tenses and poses grammatical and orthographic stumbles. The graphic design and typography, made by Pedro Inoue and Pedro Henrique Barradas, respectively, are a separate show. The extra cover, with two sides, brings some of the elements of the book and the film. On the red side, we have the helmet worn by Forrest during the games on the football team. On the blue side, the racket used during games in Red China.

On the main cover, all white and with embossed typography, the square bench stands out, known to fans and seen on the cover of the film, as well as the feather, also in black. Indoors, the stars and stripers, stars and stripes of the American flag. In addition, Rafael Coutinho's illustrations bring Forrest closer to the author's description in the work and help fans abstract Tom Hanks' striking face while reading.

For those who wish to dig deeper into the research on the differences between the book and film adaptation, the book also features the article "From page to screen: the reformulation of Forrest Gump" by Isabelle Roblin, a specialist in contemporary English literature and an assistant professor at Université du Littoral-Côte d'Opale, France.

Born in Mobile, Alabama, Winston Groom intended to become a lawyer, served in the army from 1965 to 1969 and spent much of his time fighting in the Vietnam War. Later, he would work for the Washington Star as a reporter collaborating with the newspaper's police department. He retired at the age of 35 and since then has devoted his days to writing stories about American wars. Forrest Gump was published in 1986, but it only achieved bestseller status with the film adaptation, and everyone knows that Groom hated the adaptation. Forrest Gump is a highly recommended book that deserves to be read, reread, gifted or stored with care on our shelves, among our favorite books, dvds and comics, watch online this film and get to know general cinema culture and a beloved classic that marked cinema history.

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