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GoodFellas (1990)


Three Decades of Life in the Mafia. 1990/9/12 145 min.


One of the best movies of all time is The Goodfella's. It was the movie that made it possible for the public to be exposed to a whole new world of entertainment and fun. When I first heard about this movie, I was always curious to see how it was going to come off.

While I'm glad that The Goodfellas has become a classic film, there are certain parts of the movie that were overlooked in favor of the main plot of the movie. A lot of people find it odd that this movie was a huge hit when it was released, considering that most people knew nothing about The Goodfellas at all. Some people even consider it a crime against cinema history because of how long it took for this movie to be remade.

The movie takes place in New York City in the 1980s. Mafia members make money in part from making real estate investments, but they also take a cut of the cocaine that is being sold on the streets of New York. The Goodfellas follows the rise and fall of various gangsters and captains of industry throughout the decades.

At one point, Frank Costello, a captain of industry, becomes a wanted man. With the exception of one detail, everybody knows Frank Costello from the Goodfellas. Frank becomes a drug addict and ends up being the main character of the movie. The fact that it was produced with such high quality made the omission all the more frustrating.

In my first time watching the movie, I was extremely curious about how it would be portrayed on the big screen. A lot of people think that The Goodfellas is very dark and intense. Of course, this isn't entirely true, but some people like to overrate this movie because of its gritty portrayal of a rough world. If you're looking for a lighter film, then you're probably going to be disappointed.

There are definitely a lot of parallels between this movie and Lost, a great movie about a group of men who are in an abandoned island. Frank Costello becomes involved in an accident, which leaves him in a wheelchair. Eventually, he will become known as the Goodfella, and people will begin to refer to him as "Goodfella."

The Goodfellas depicts a world where bad people are given power by way of the legal system. It's only a matter of time before the power-hungry mobsters and crooked politicians in Manhattan will come into conflict with each other. After all, it will be only a matter of time before someone throws a monkey wrench into the machine.

The Goodfellas is a movie that was made in a short amount of time. There were a lot of details about this movie that were omitted, but the movie still managed to capture the public's attention. It will be interesting to see what happens to the story and characters in the coming years.

Original title GoodFellas
TMDb Rating 8.4 6849 votes

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