Psycho (1960)

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A new—and altogether different—screen excitement! 1960/6/22 109 min.


The story is based on the existence of a notorious serial killer named Norman Bates, a psychiatrist, who was discovered to be holding his first six female patients against their will. With help from his teenage patient, he leads them to believe that they are all 'victims' of his evil actions. Soon they will learn that this story is actually just one of the many stories that they will experience in the Psycho movies.

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The most popular part of the Psycho series is the novel and screenplay. The novel, written by the late Stephen King, is considered to be his masterpiece. The novel tells about the origin of the killer and his encounter with the female victims in their beds. The movie takes all the psychological aspects of the story to the next level and heightens the tension even more.

Movie Review: The movie will surely amaze you. You will surely enjoy this movie, which contains a shocking ending and violence. The actors portrayed the characters very well and the storyline is brilliant. The dialogue is crisp and does not bore you at all.

The horror and suspense build up is also on an awesome level, which made the movie even more realistic and frightening. The main character is very dark, sinister and evil. It was quite difficult to watch the movie, but once you know what it is all about, you will easily forget about your fears and realize that the movie is completely true.

The plot of the movie is not as detailed as the novel. However, the truth behind the Psycho series is still so fascinating and scary, that if you want to know more about the story, then it is recommended that you buy the book as well.

The Movie Review: It is important to state that the movie is certainly not perfect. The plot is a bit unorganized and it is definitely not as dark as it is supposed to be. However, the story has a lot of twists and turns, which makes it quite an interesting and scary movie.

If you want to know more about the movie, then you should get it on DVD. This will give you a perfect viewing experience. Once you have watched it, you will never forget about it.

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